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Behavioral Health

Easy access and visibility of clinical information.

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in an otherwise medical EMR is finding the information that is relevant to the behavioral health clinician. Cerner’s Behavioral Health Solution is designed to provide clinicians with patient-identifying and behavioral health specific information via interactive chart elements.

The Behavioral Health Summary View provides a patient-centric snapshot of real-time clinical information related to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Unlike traditional inpatient summary dashboards, the Behavioral Health Summary View contains several components that are specific and relevant to mental health and addictions treatment providers.

The Safety and Attendance Dashboard, which is designed for use with mobile devices, facilitates documenting patient status and location, patient safety concerns and precautions, and patient activities. Cerner’s Group Documentation Dashboard also provides a more efficient experience for capturing clinical information related to therapeutic interventions in multi-patient settings.

Cerner’s Multi-Contributor Care Plan supports the unique environment of behavioral health where the team really does work in collaboration. This dashboard allows multiple contributors to create, interact with, and document information related to a patient-specific plan of care, while also providing the ability to view progress as the patient advances through the care process.

The Multi-Contributor Care Plan can be signed and viewed by various contributors and helps the care team coordinate services for the individual.

Cerner’s Behavioral Health Solution also contains a variety of specific evidence based screening tools and assessments. These instruments are designed to facilitate accurate and efficient diagnosis, care planning, and measurement of treatment outcomes. The screens and assessments provided below represent a sampling of those included in the solution:

  • Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale
  • Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
  • Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale
  • Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment
  • Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale
  • Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment
  • Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scales
  • Geriatric Depression Screen
  • Modified Mini-Mental Status Examination
  • Short OMC Test
  • PHQ-9


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