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For patients to have the best care and experience possible, they need all of their EHR information, which includes both clinical and diagnostic images, to be readily accessible to providers.

Cerner Imaging is focused on leveraging the mass amount of quantitative information derived from the image to provide advanced capabilities, derived from intelligence. Just as a lab value is essential to a patient’s record so is an image.

When data, images and content are available to the care team within the context of the EHR, better care decisions can be made. Cerner Imaging delivers image-enabled workflows to providers giving them the ability to capture, access, view, and share images and imaging data across the health care continuum.


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Provide knowledge driven care, across all cardiovascular venues while reducing the total cost of care through effective chronic cardiovascular disease management. Our cardiovascular workflows provide cardiologists and other care providers automated and streamlined functions across the continuum of care.

  • Cardiovascular Imaging Management
  • ECG Management

Clinical Imaging

Clinical pictures are an invaluable piece of information in effective patient care. Images taken via cameras, endoscopes, ultrasound, etc. are made available within the context of the EHR to the care team. Our clinical imaging solutions within the EHR provides a single source to capture, print, share, store and secure images. This streamlines and increases the value of clinical images for all service lines regardless of what brands of devices used.

  • CareAware MultiMedia (CAMM)
  • Camera Capture
  • Wound Care


Cerner’s market leading radiology solutions are embedded into the EHR and utilize existing enterprise wide capabilities such as orders, scheduling, billing, staffing, and supply chain management capabilities. This prevents having to interface between multiple vendors and allows providers to stay in a single workflow from start to finish. Your organization can streamline departmental operations from registration and order entry to image interpretation and distribution.

  • RadNet
  • Imaging MPages
  • Visual Desktop Integration