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Lights On Network®

Transforming data into knowledge and action

Lights On Network® provides enterprise-level data analytics to maximize the value of your EHR across your entire organization. This means a better experience for your providers, better results for your organization, and the most efficient system to support it all.

We provide this analytical cloud-based solution free of charge as part of an ongoing commitment to our clients and the improvement of health care in communities around the world. No other vendor in the marketplace provides this level of knowledge sharing across clients to facilitate long-lasting partnerships.

It’s hard to achieve value-driven results without transparency to adoption, performance, security, system infrastructure, and solution usage. Lights On Network® helps you achieve a better experience for your providers, maximize the impact of your Cerner solutions, and improve marketplace competitiveness with prescriptive recommendations.

Provider Value

Workforce Experience

Providers are the front line of patient care, and should have an EHR that meets their needs in an efficient manner. Lights On Network® has the power to transform the EHR experience by pinpointing providers needing assistance, enabling them to spend more time with their patients.

System Value

Optimized Solutions and Systems

No health care organization is immune to system slowness or inadequate solution configuration. Lights On Network® strengthens the foundation of your EHR experience by identifying system bottlenecks and deviations from recommended best practices.

Organization Value

Organizational Value

Your investment in an EHR should yield optimal financial, workforce, and value outcomes. Lights On Network® provides key performance indicators that help you target the right value or opportunity at the right time.

Features and Capabilities

Peer Comparisons

All data has a story to tell, but often lacks context. Local and national benchmarking allows you to baseline your analysis with other Cerner clients around the globe.

Emailing and Alerting

We live in a fast-paced environment and it’s tough to keep tabs on everything. Leverage alerting and emailing capabilities to stay connected with your data while on the go.

Contextually Aware

Your organization is complex, but your data doesn’t have to be. Several dimensions of data such as facility, venue of care, role, specialty, and time are available to provide the right information at the right level.


Make your data work for you. Customizable features like saving your favorite reports and setting automatic notifications help keep you in control.

Constant Monitoring

When issues arise, you need answers at your fingertips. Near real-time views help you analyze, take action, and resolve problems before they become large-scale.

Accessible from Anywhere

Some decisions can’t wait for normal business hours. Securely connect to your data from any computer, tablet, or smart phone using a flexible web-based application.

Applicable Roles

C-Suite and Executives

Lights On Network® offers a variety of analytical and intuitive dashboards to help you understand the overall financial, workforce, and outcome-related value your EHR brings to your organization.

  • Key Performance Indicators help you stay on top of metrics across your organization
  • Proactive alerts notify you when metrics are out of range
  • Data trends and comparisons quickly pinpoint the surest way to understand your return on investment

Lights On Network® helps you understand how your workforce, solutions, and systems fit into the broader organizational strategy.

  • Targeted Dashboards to provide both a summary and details needed to support your decisions
  • Customizable reports can be saved for future use
  • Drill in to discrete details to gain further insight

Lights On Network® offers feature rich interactive visuals to support data-driven decisions in your area of expertise.

  • Targeted dashboards answer questions relevant to vital areas of your EHR
  • Alerts and Daily Digest emails proactively send you the data that is critical to your individual needs
  • Near real-time data empowers you to take action before issues get out of hand

Lights On Network® provides easy access to dependable data, eliminating the need for queries or reviewing multiple tools.

  • Download and customize your data to analyze it while on the go
  • Navigate your data by topic to get a concise story
  • Analyze your data trends over days, weeks, months, and years

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Lights On Network® is an integral part of the comprehensive platform of Analytics solutions offered by Cerner to track your financial, workforce, and outcome-related value.

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Track open and interoperable connections in your organization.

Population Health

Align Lights On Network® EHR and Population data into your comprehensive data analytics strategy.

Revenue Cycle Management

Integrate a full data-driven analytics approach to managing your Revenue Cycle program to make impactful revenue decisions each and every day.


What benefits can I expect to see by using Lights On Network?

Organizations that use Lights On Network have faster response times, higher alignment to Model Experience, and better alignment to system best practices.

Lights On Network® has information in multiple categories including: system and network performance, user interactions, best practice configurations, and more.

You fully control who in your organization can access the solution, with no limits on the number of people who have access.

A variety of free training opportunities are offered, including user guides, instructional videos, and a Web Based Training course to help you get the most from the solution.

Cerner also offers 2 day workshop courses for complete instructor-led training. Contact us for additional information and pricing.