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by Cerner Nordics
Published on October 3, 2019

Together with Innovation Skåne, Cerner is creating a new environment for startups to develop and reach out to global markets. Through Cerner's open platforms, innovations will reach their market faster to create benefits and improved health.

Cerner and Innovation Skåne are initiating a collaboration to increase the pace of innovation in healthcare in the Nordic region, and the world. An open ecosystem contributes to increased growth, more jobs and makes it easier for startups to reach a broader market faster.

Carolina Wallenius, general manager, Cerner Sweden:

“Together with Innovation Skåne, we continue our journey to create the conditions for open ecosystems and faster implementation of innovation. This collaboration contributes to strengthening the innovation power in the Nordic countries and gives startups the opportunity to expand in the global market. I see a tremendous power in working together with Innovation Skåne and all the actors who want to be involved in developing healthcare. The aim is to create better and equal health. This collaboration is an important contribution to the achievement of the Swedish Vision for e-health in 2025.”

Innovation Skåne leads the HealthTech Nordic project, and through this, they will provide professional support to startups to enable a successful wide implementation across Cerner’s platforms. In addition, they will provide innovation support to healthcare providers in Skåne and facilitate networking between healthcare providers throughout the Nordic region.

Joakim Nelson, general manager Innovation Skåne:

“We see two major advantages with an open ecosystem and a platform for new innovations. First, it provides an opportunity to further support and scale startups to grow regionally and globally through Cerner’s platforms. Secondly, it is an opportunity to address challenges in Region Skåne's healthcare system and in the long term to provide new solutions that create value for patients, staff and organisations. Innovation Skåne and Cerner's unique collaboration create an environment that will further strengthen the Nordic region's global leadership in health tech.”

For more information contact:

Carolina Wallenius, general manager, Cerner Sweden, +46 76-113 59 99

Joakim Nelson, general manager, Innovation Skåne, +46 70-319 33 85

About Cerner

Cerner builds positive and long-term partnerships to create value for healthcare. Our intelligent platforms and services are used at over 27,500 healthcare facilities worldwide. By connecting people, information and healthcare facilities, we help to manage the health of 110 million citizens globally. Together with clients and industry partners, we integrate entire health systems so that they can deliver smarter, value-based care, produce better results and proactively manage and improve the health of individuals and entire communities.

About Innovation Skåne

Innovation Skåne is the regional innovation company. The company contribute to future public services and regional growth through innovation, by providing innovation management and support for Region Skåne’s operations and the development of new industries and fast-growing companies which contribute to growth in Skåne. Innovation Skåne is fully owned by Region Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost county council.