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Following the acquisition of Siemens Health Services, Cerner runs and develops the DocuLive electronic health record and DocuLive Patologi lab information system for pathology.

DocuLive takes care of the complex clinical workflow in hospitals and increases the efficacy of health care. The system is used by more than 30,000 clinicians and is a secure, flexible and user-friendly tool that increases the quality of care.

DocuLive electronic health record

DocuLive is an object-oriented electronic health record system implemented on the Microsoft .NET platform. This opens up for highly efficient development tools and methods, like native support for integration with other systems through a Service Oriented Architecture. Web Services is used for interoperability with applications on any platform. On top of Microsoft SQL Server, a generic object-oriented layer has been created which results in a very flexible and configurable user interface. Connection to external systems, as for instance patient administrative systems, is based on synchronous, transaction-based integration using web services and remote procedure calls. Integration with service systems such as lab systems, RIS/PACS, microbiology etc., is mainly based on asynchronous messages like XML, HL7, EDIFACT and other protocols.

Modules available in DocuLive electronic health record:

  • General Clinical Documentation
  • Messaging
  • Physician Order Entry
  • Scanning
  • Digital dictation; Digital Speech Recognition
  • “Doogle” free text search
  • Care plan
  • Nursing Documentation
  • Multimedia
  • Medical Chart
  • Medication
  • Planning
  • Referrals 
  • Digital Archiving
  • Access control that allows masking and blocking of any part of the record for groups or individual users

DocuLive Patologi

DocuLive Patologi is based on the core of Doculive electronical health record, and is designed to streamline the flow of information between pathological laboratories and requisitioners. The system handles several sample types: cytology, biopsy, histology, autopsies, forensic autopsies and some special lab results.

The system integrates with a variety of equipment and has useful functionality such as: administration of users and patients, worklists for the various laboratories and clinicians become generated automatically. Scanning one or more referrals simultaneously, time-saving collections, reports to the Cancer Registry, maintenance tools for individual adjustments, statistics, custom and standard reports, digital dictation, electronic referrals and response (XML).

Support for critical incidents

Cerner continually strives to exceed our clients' needs by providing support by qualified, competent associates. DocuLive and DocuLive Patologi clients can receive support for critical incidents from our support teams:

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16.00:
Please call 800 12 865

For critical incidents after 16:00 and on weekends:
Please call Cerner Immediately Response Center (IRC) 800 12 865

Log an incident on

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