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Partners for innovation

No company has a monopoly on good ideas, that's why we at Cerner strongly believe in collaboration and partnership to achieve the best possible innovation within health and care. Cerner is present in over 40 countries with global experience and local expertise. 

Third-party collaboration

In order to deliver the services and solutions our clients require, building partnerships with them is something we welcome and are accustomed to. We also partner with some of the most innovative third-party technology, service and medical device suppliers in the world. These collaborations enable us to help our clients tackle the complex challenges of health and care, and maximise the benefits they derive from our solutions.

Through our open platforms, we welcome third-party innovation in our sandbox. Several Nordic companies have already utilised the platforms to develop and scale their applications. Read about how the Finnish Medical Association, Duodecim, achieved that.

Interoperability between providers

We are focused on supporting safe, connected and informed patient care. We believe that patient data should flow freely, and securely, between care providers across the health and care ecosystem, in line with the national strategy, One Citizen - One Record. At EHiN in Oslo in November 2017, we were part of the interoperability showcase, where we showed how patient information can be shared between different IT systems and providers with a patient case.

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