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The path to health equity starts with data

Helping build a more equitable society by consolidating fragmented care across consumers, providers, payers and community organizations.

The pandemic demonstrated to the world that social determinants of health disproportionately impact care outcomes for minorities and underserved communities. Cerner is working to surface and provide analysis on social care data across the continuum of care so that providers can discover and act on the findings to make care more equitable for everyone.

Cerner is building a robust set of dashboards* that leverage clinical data, geospatial capabilities and the CDC’s Social Vulnerability index to identify where vulnerabilities exist at the community and person level. These dashboards can be used to drive person-level interventions, identify community-based organization partnership and investment opportunities, and to drive policy changes at the local, state and national level.

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*All Solution/services under development. Cerner makes no assurances that the capability described herein will be provided in the solution/services.

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