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AI Overview


AI helps enhance clinical, operational and financial value through workflow automation and clinical decision support

At its core, Cerner is a healthcare technology and data company. With one of the largest collections of personal health data in the world, we’re responsibly leveraging the power of data to transform healthcare outcomes.

Physicians have significant time constraints; duties that pull them away from focusing solely on patient care. We’re advancing our portfolio of clinical intelligence innovations to automate EHR documentation. Using intelligent technologies such as voice and natural language processing (NLP), Cerner is developing new solutions like ChartAssistTM, Voice Assist* and Virtual Scribe* to help ease the clinician burden.

Cerner helps data work for you to solve clinical, operational and technical challenges by aggregating and normalizing structured and unstructured data. Healthcare needs to move at the speed of innovation, and data is key. Data helps solve issues in days versus weeks, minutes versus hours.

*All solution/services under development. Cerner makes no assurances that the capability described herein will be provided in the solution/services.

Applies artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive models to deidentified aggregate data, to provide intelligence that helps providers identify risks and gaps in care

Automating workflows through natural language processing, AI and ML, decreases the need for manual documentation to help ease burdens on clinicians

NLP solutions embedded in the workflows scan charts for accuracy and alert clinicians and administrators in real time to potential errors in coding and documentation that may lead to a revenue benefit

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Provides near real-time visibility to centralized operations to help enable quick action.

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