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Scottsdale Institute white paper: Building a data-driven organization: What’s working and what’s next?

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What does it mean to be a data-driven? In healthcare organizations, there’s seemingly a paradox when it comes to data. There’s too much in terms of sheer volume – too many silos, locales and redundancies – but also too little in terms of usable, real-time, reliable details to drive wiser business decisions and stronger security protocols. The same Goldilocks-type ranking also can apply to the forces that surround and facilitate data: talent, technology, security, processes. Is there too much? Not enough? Or is it just right?

Scottsdale Institute (SI) and Oracle Cerner convened 56 participants from 36 organizations to discuss the steps, tools and techniques needed to become truly data driven. Prior to the roundtable, moderators from Oracle Cerner asked SI members how they rated their organizations, where they were headed, and how they plan to get there. A robust discussion ensued around key elements (people, process and technology) and powerful impactors (culture, data literacy, hiring and data governance). They also discussed the steps toward:

  • Improving processes in healthcare organizations
  • Creating a culture that responds to and uses healthcare analytics well
  • Moving forward while avoiding stumbling blocks
  • Implementing best practices
  • Assessing drivers of investment for future planning