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Care Team Communications

Complete Care Team Communication and Alarm Management with CareAware


CareAware Connect bridges communication gaps by providing the care team with tools such as secure voice communication, text messaging, patient electronic medical records and smart alerting. 

Cerner is dedicated to incorporating intelligence into existing care team communications solutions and further leveraging the existing value of symbiotic and complementary solutions.

Our care team communications solutions eliminate the delay and uncertainty in critical communications by connecting the right care team members with the right information at the right time.


Nash UNC Health Care logo

Nash ED care team sees strategic advantages from mobile device deployment

The emergency department is often considered the frontline of the hospital, and an environment where efficient communication is critical to success.

Nash ED care team sees strategic advantages from mobile device deployment

NCH logo

NCH decreases nuisance alarms with alarm management reporting

Naples, Fla.-based NCH Healthcare System (NCH) was no stranger to alarm fatigue. Its nursing staff was overwhelmed with too many nuisance alarms that hindered their efficiency. To combat alarm fatigue, NCH established a game-changing process.

NCH decreases nuisance alarms with alarm management reporting

Client Quote

“CareAware Connect™ positively impacted my experience with my patients by improving my abilities and response time to questions about the patient or their treatments or medications.”
— Ronald Stokes, RN, clinical nurse, Truman Medical Centers

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CareAware Connect

Bring together communications, alarm management and nursing workflow tools on a single device.

CareAware Connect Messenger

CareAware Connect Messenger is a mobility solution that delivers secure messaging via a smartphone device or computer. Leveraging the providers’ personal device, this solution offers secure messaging capabilities with their peers and clinicians on the CareAware Connect platform.

CareAware Event Management

Route incoming event and associated contextual information in notifications to care team members, allow escalation of notifications between clinicians, utilize user-configurable rules to determine if a notification needs to be generated and  enable alarm and notifications reporting.