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Customer Relationship Management

Seamless consumer engagement across your organization

In today’s health care environment, there is a growing need to improve customer services, promote better collaboration between consumers and providers, and improve engagement and clinical outcomes ― all while lowering costs. An enterprisewide customer relationship management (CRM) system is key in helping organizations know, engage and manage the health of their populations.

Cerner and Salesforce have collaborated to develop an integrated offering to support enhanced consumer engagement, creating a clinically-informed CRM technology system that can be used across your enterprise.

Our vision for CRM

Our vision is to provide a unified offering that can be used across all functions of your organization, including: clinical delivery, services and operations, marketing, health plan and provider engagement, and recruitment. A unified view of the consumer, combined with robust engagement tools, empowers your organization to engage across all channels and equips all employees with the same insights to power a consistent consumer experience. This unified view helps to improve consumer satisfaction, simplify and personalize outreach, improve clinical care and drive business efficiencies. For instance, when someone calls into your service operations center to inquire about a bill, they can also get help enrolling in the care management program for which they’ve been receiving communications.

The integrated offering will bring together Cerner’s big data platform, HealtheIntent®, with Salesforce’s leading CRM technologies, Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud, to provide you with a clear picture into your consumers ― how they engage, their demographics, clinical status, behavior patterns and preferences. This holistic view can be made accessible to any stakeholder in the organization, creating a consistent and relevant experience throughout the consumer’s journey. Insights derived from Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud can be correlated with outcomes data within HealtheIntent to help you understand and analyze what engagement strategies are resonating most with your population and how they are impacting clinical results. Over time, the offering will use clinical intelligence from HealtheIntent with the Salesforce CRM tools to support precision engagement, enabling the right content to be delivered at the right time, to the right person, via the right channel.

Our platform, HealtheIntent, will serve as the source of truth to synchronize key clinical and consumer profile data to the Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud. HealtheIntent is an EHR-agnostic population health big data platform designed to scale at a population level while facilitating health and care at a person and provider level. HealtheIntent enables organizations to aggregate, transform and reconcile data across the continuum of care. This process establishes a longitudinal record for individual members of the population for which an organization is held accountable ― helping to improve outcomes and lower costs for health and care.

Salesforce Health Cloud is the core of our CRM capabilities, helping to maintain a holistic engagement profile enriched with clinical data from HealtheIntent to support personalized interactions and process efficiencies across channels. Health Cloud tracks patient activity history, supports employee collaboration around patient data, and enables triggers and workflows that make important care information and tasks available to both consumers and providers on any connected device. This level of access and personalization empowers consumers to take ownership of their health goals and care plans. Health Cloud helps unify consumer data, facilitate communication across channels and devices, and ultimately, enhance consumer and provider relationships and personalized care.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud supports enhanced consumer and provider engagement, powering channel-of-choice outreach and communications that are automated, dynamic and responsive to consumer preferences. Taking advantage of data in HealtheIntent and Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud facilitates finely-tuned, targeted communications that drive desired consumer behaviors and optimal business outcomes, ranging from: appointment scheduling, care gap closure, patient portal adoption, patient acquisition, provider engagement and more.

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