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Federal Government

Cerner provides intelligent, secure solutions for government agencies to support their unique populations and improve the business of health care.

We leverage the investments made by our existing federal government and private sector partners and seamlessly connect health information records across the continuum.

Our solutions are designed with both the patient and provider in mind. We work with physicians and clinicians to develop an interface experience that allows the focus to remain on patient care, resulting in more informed diagnoses and treatments. We personalize each new agency relationship, empowering stakeholders to develop the right enterprise processes and governance strategy from the start.

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VA Electronic Health Record Modernization

Cerner is proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to create a completely integrated health record to provide veterans a lifetime of seamless care. This, in conjunction with our work on the Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization, will create a single system that links both veteran and military populations, to dramatically transform one of the nation's largest health care systems.

Cerner is committed to doing what's right for veterans, developing solutions that help the VA address some of the most pressing veteran health care priorities, including patient-owned record access, the reduction of substance and opioid abuse, identifying suicide risk, and improved treatment of PTSD.

To help us, we have assembled a VA Advisory Group, made up of experts with essential insight into the veteran experience inside and outside VA.

Cerner, as part of the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health, is delivering a modern and integrated health IT solution called MHS GENESIS for the U.S. Department of Defense, supporting their health care mission to provide safe and quality care for our nation’s 9.6 million active-duty service members, military retirees and family members.

MHS GENESIS is built using a single code set. It allows for easy access to a service member’s comprehensive medical and health history, increased communication between providers, and supports the secure transition of health information across the spectrum of military operations around the world.

We support patient populations beyond health information technologies. Cerner currently partners with several military and veteran outreach groups within the Kansas City community.

We also provide a dedicated military talent program that assists veterans with their transition to a corporate career. We’re proud that hundreds of veterans and reservists have joined our mission to transform health care.

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Indian Health Service
  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

DUNS Number: 042410688
Cerner Vehicle Access: SPAWAR (sub)
CIO-SP3 (Large & Small - sub)
Cerner is looking for partners on the following vehicles: GSA Alliant SB, GSA Stars II 8(a), GSA VETS GWAC, NASA SEWP, DHS Eagle II

CEHRT and its MACRA and QPP Implications for Eligible Clinicians

by Josh Mast
October 18, 2018
As the concept of CEHRT expands, health care providers and clinicians need to ensure compliance for their organizations.

Special Edition of The Cerner Podcast | Ep. 97: Wednesday at #CHC18

by Cerner Corporation
October 10, 2018
In this special edition episode, we bring insights from the 2018 Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, where more than 12,000 attendees from across the country and the globe have come together to learn and network. Sit at the table with us as we have conversations with health care leaders, Cerner clients and industry influencers. We're covering health IT trends and focusing on this year’s CHC theme of “Smarter Care.”

Opioid Toolkit Announcement, Solutions Gallery Opening, Customer Relationship Management and More | #CHC18 Day 3

by Cerner Corporation
October 9, 2018
On Tuesday, Cerner CEO Brent Shafer used his keynote speech to announce our latest effort in combating the opioid crisis, the Solutions Gallery opened its doors to clients, partners and associates; and a full slate of sessions covered the most current issues in health care.

Protecting Your Hospital from Cybersecurity Risks

by Russ Branzell
September 17, 2018
Phishing attacks, malware and ransomware are at the top of Becker’s list of cybersecurity threats to health care organizations. Breaches are achieved through a brute force approach, where a bad actor repeatedly tries to guess a user name and password, or through human error, for instance with an email recipient clicking on an attachment.

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Health Plan

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Hosting & Monitoring

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VA Advisory Board

The Advisory Group includes a diverse group of experts and thought leaders with essential insight into the veteran experience inside and outside VA, with a shared goal of improving the health and wellbeing of veterans.