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Federal Government

Who We Are

At Cerner, we are continuously building on our foundation of intelligent solutions for the health care industry. Our technologies connect people and systems at more than 18,000 facilities worldwide and our wide range of services support the clinical, financial, operational and research needs of organizations of every size and complexity.

Together with our clients, we are creating a future where the health care system works to improve the well-being of individuals and communities through innovation and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. By designing advanced health information technologies, we offer solutions that empower organizations to know, manage and engage their populations in the best possible way.

Our applications are developed with physicians in mind so they can focus on helping people, not on learning technology. We offer solutions that are adaptive, pervasive and configurable for a variety of provider, payor and research/policy service-based agencies. We are positioned to deliver quality, proven solutions across Federal agencies to help support and execute their respective health care programs.

What We Do

The future market of federal health information technology represents not only great opportunities but also many challenges. Make more informed decisions with Cerner Government’s provider-based, research-based and policy-based support.

Cerner cultivates new relationships, meets with agency stakeholders and leverages our footprint across agencies to help improve our nation's health care through innovative, secure solutions.

Cerner Government, "Making Change Predictable."

Clinical Solutions

Experience a clinicals solution that revolutionizes the workflow with a design that allows the provider to address the dynamic nature of patient care. Cerner’s clinical solutions will position your organization to better manage processes, as well as clinical data, from beginning to end – across all departments, disciplines and care settings – to help improve operational efficiencies and the business of health care.

Revenue Management Solutions

Our Revenue Management solution is designed to help clients take advantage of clinical automation thereby reducing traditional revenue cycle processes, improving efficiencies where they most affect customer service. The organizations who tie clinical and financial information together across hospitals, specialty departments and clinics will be more successful in today’s changing health care market.

Cerner’s Revenue Management solution allows for the true depth of integration when combined with our Clinical Electronic Health Record solution to create a fully integrated enterprise solution.

Analytics and Reporting Solutions

Data is the foundation to making objective, informed decisions. Is your agency leveraging data to drive efficiency and improve outcomes?

Remaining competitive in your health information technology industry depends on centralizing strategic information from various, disparate sources, streamlining data access and facilitating analysis of information through various lenses.

Cerner’s Analytics and Reporting solutions bring together a comprehensive set of enterprise data and population health management metrics allowing all relevant information to be readily available at a glance. The ability to manipulate data enables agencies to identify trends and analyze why they are occurring. Our analytic packages are designed around specific-use cases and are powered by the data ingestion, standardization and calculation capabilities of HealtheIntent.

Operations Solutions

Cerner provides resources and solutions to improve system performance, stability and end-user experiences for client-hosted environments. Health care-focused agencies want to make sure that their customer-facing business operations are performing as well as they could or should be, which is why Cerner allows our clients to manage systems across all architecture platforms from a single console. By maintaining the most efficient and effective IT environment possible, end-user satisfaction is greatly improved, making you look like a hero.

Research Solutions

Cerner provides technology resources that can help agencies coordinate and manage clinical and patient population-based resarch. Agencies can choose from a full spectrum of research services ranging from research surveys to large-scale studies leveraging electronic health record data. Along with our research solutions, we bring with us a deep understanding of clinical systems, workflows, health data and extensive experience in pharmaceutical, outcomes and health economic research to help you interpret your medical and economic analyses to gain insight into the viability and safety of new and existing therapies.

Specialty Solutions

In addition to our core solution offerings, Cerner has specialty solutions to meet behavioral health, lab and pathology, imaging, MED management, oncology, rehab and pharmacy needs. These solutions provide insight into diagnosis, prognosis and care planning as well as the delivery of procedures and treatment planning that shapes the patient’s experience.


We believe that no person should be disconnected from the information that could save their life, whether at home or 1,000 miles away. We are breaking through organizational, vendor and geographic barriers to ensure health information flows freely between providers no matter where care is given.

Why is interoperability important?

People are able to engage in their own care.

A single, comprehensive view of a person’s medical and health history should be accessible.

Increased communication between providers means more informed decisions can be made.

Data can be easily exchanged in a low-cost way across health systems, communities, states and/or nations.

Commitment to hiring veterans

At Cerner, veterans can continue to lead by example and accomplish heroic deeds every day. We are changing the state of health care around the world. And we need passionate, creative and dynamic leaders to continue blazing our trail.

We are proud that hundreds of veterans and reservists have joined our mission to transform health care. We provide a dedicated military talent program that assists veterans with their transition to a corporate career. From combat field to corporate career, Cerner hires veterans because it is the smart thing to do.

We invite veterans and wounded warriors to pursue a career at Cerner that lets them utilize their strong work ethic, exceptional training and leadership skills.

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