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Scottsdale Institute referral management webinar

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Different pathways and workflows often lead to unreliable or inefficient referrals. As markets get more competitive, it’s important that we give provider referrals the same rigor and focus as other areas of healthcare to help keep both our patients and dollars in network.

With more than a decade of CMIO experience and a passion for decreasing variability and improving outcomes in healthcare delivery, Dr. Edelman shares how you can standardize and optimize your referral workflows with defined intent to achieve outcomes you can expect utilizing the power of algorithms and advanced technology. Topics discussed in this Scottsdale Institute "How to Standardize and Optimize your Referral Workflows" webinar, include referral decision factors, stratification of aligned and mal-aligned providers, referral coordinator engagement and integration.

Speaker: Daniel Edelman, DO, Regional CMIO and Chief Pop Health Officer for Cleveland Clinic Martin Health