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Cerner Security Offerings

The assessment and the remediation

By aligning to the NIST cybersecurity framework, Cerner is addressing clients’ issues, demands and relentlessly advancing successes, while establishing our own security posture. Simultaneously, we are considering geography, regulatory and privacy demands, and technologies being delivered in on-premise, private/public cloud or hybrid-based environments.


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Services and Technology

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Related Offerings


To improve your security posture, it’s critical to start with the basics and address and areas of highest risk. Leverage our consulting expertise on policies, procedures, risk assessments and training. We offer advanced malware protection, from the endpoints to the firewalls, along with countermeasures for the top attack vectors including email and web filtering gateways. Our integrated solutions include identification, advanced authentication, auditing and log correlation.

Security Operations Center

A 24x7 security operations center that provides the people, process and technology needed to monitor, detect and analyze threats on your network, enabling remediation.


Tracks end user access to confidential patient data as it happens. Able to be integrated with non-Millennium clinical and PHI systems. The solution is EHR agnostic. All capabilities of P2Sentinel are available with SaaS.

Instant Access

With Cerner Instant Access, authentication workflows are streamlined by providing location-based context and single sign-on technologies. The solution helps to reduce the time it takes to navigate various applications within the clinician’s workflow by launching applications in context, such as the patient list, where the user previously left off by seamlessly integrating role and location.


With PatientSecure, your healthcare organization can positively identify patients through a variety of biometric options that create a 1:1 link between patients and their correct medical record. This biometric solution works by capturing a patient’s unique biometric scan – either their palm vein or iris pattern. The scan produces a digital representation of the biometric pattern which is encrypted for protection, then tied to the unique medical record of the patient.

Workflow Authentication

With Cerner Workflow Authentication it provides your health care organization compatibility with one-time password tokens to satisfy the “something the user has” credential for authentication. The first authentication of two-factor authentication is the user’s password: satisfying “something the user knows”.

Unified Endpoint Management

The Cerner Unified Endpoint Management provides a secure way for your health care organization to embrace mobility and helps simplify the management of the growing number of endpoints in health care. This solution offers the ability to track assets across your entire health care organization, secure access to sensitive data, distribute apps/content and ensure devices are compliant with corporate policies and industry standards.


The Cerner 724Access solution provides 7x24 access to all clinical data currently available in the Cerner Millennium® production database when the Cerner Millennium system or supporting infrastructure is otherwise unavailable. The solution also allows 7x24 access to a more limited subset of clinical data for cases when the network is unavailable. Access to clinical data is typically less than one minute behind production for both planned and unplanned outages.

Lights On Network

Identify both slowness across your network and potential security vulnerabilities vital to maintaining a secure EHR installation.


Your organization’s network relies on a multitude of components to deliver a great experience. Cerner works with you to deliver proven architectures and validated network components, including switches, routers, wireless, cabling, NAC, DDI and stream analytics.


Virtualization and cloud has continuously shifted compute demands to more innovative platforms and designs. We deliver virtual desktops running on servers (VDI), including hyper-converged infrastructure, that enables new applications and solutions for health care without the burden associated with legacy compute nodes. To ensure that your operations stay online, Cerner offers robust and integrated data protection solutions. Hyper-converged architectures utilizing all-flash storage provides lightning fast performance where it’s needed the most.