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Leveraging Open EHR Platforms to Advance Usability, Care and Outcomes

An open platform makes it easier for organizations to share information and integrate apps that enhance workflows and fill growing business needs, such as ambulatory, clinical decision support, scheduling and emergency medicine.

This webinar, sponsored by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and featuring speakers from University of Missouri Health Care and Oracle Cerner, covers some of the benefits to embracing openness in an EHR:

  • Facilitate patient care and communication
  • Improve provider training and user experience
  • Address issues such as the opioid crisis, prescription price transparency, and patient safety

Openness takes the EHR to the next level and provides the foundation for healthcare innovation and collaboration.

Presented by:
Thomas Selva, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, University of Missouri Healthcare; Medical Director, Tiger Institute for Health Innovation

Moderated by:
Jake Engle, Senior Director and Business Developer, Oracle Cerner