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Record retrieval

Our solution enables a shorter turnaround time between the request and receipt of records.

HealtheHistorySM provides a seamlessly orchestrated experience. Using the latest advancements in health care technology, requested patient data is electronically pulled in near real-time from accessible patient portals. Before delivery to your inbox, the data is collated into a comprehensive summary of the person.

Forty-years ago, we foresaw removal of the paper chart to eliminate error, variance and unnecessary waste. At the time, it was revolutionary thinking. Today, we are the largest health care information technology company.

We use our leading-edge health information technology to connect with 5,900 hospitals, 27,000 provider facilities and 662,000 physician users, representing 148 million patient records. This enables us to more efficiently pull HIPAA-compliant patient data, supporting you to complete a more timely review and come to a more accurate determination.

Industry solutions

Life insurance providers

Discover more about the benefits electronic record retrieval brings to the underwriting process.

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Law firms

Discover more about the benefits electronic record retrieval brings to assessing case opportunity.

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Who uses this technology?

Life insurance providers, legal firms, pharmaceutical companies and other industries that depend on record retrieval services benefit from our solution, which reduces the need for the manual retrieval of paper-heavy records.

The solution is built on, HealtheIntentSM, Cerner’s EHR-agnostic platform. It enables:

  • Near real-time collection of data from disparate sources, including any accessible electronic health record (EHR), insurance claim or pharmaceutical record.
  • Delivery of a 360-degree view of a person’s medical history by bringing together raw data, standardizing it to match industry terminology and providing an organized summary for easier reading.

No; your company does not have to use Cerner’s EHR solution to benefit from our record retrieval solution. We integrate into your existing processes so business can continue during the transition.

The electronic delivery of a consolidated medical record enables quicker decision-making. HealtheHistory is designed to support the growing need for faster policy or case review.