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Client Extensibility

Record retrieval for law firms

Focus on building stronger cases, faster

Every case presents its own unique challenge. Our electronic record retrieval solution offers three alternatives to better streamline the process for your firm. Our solution retrieves Medicare data, traditional medical records and summary records to meet your firm’s varying needs. The solution is HIPAA-compliant and vendor-neutral, so it is not limited by hospital or system.

The Need: Quick and reliable access to a person’s medical history

Traditional record retrieval methods are often lengthy and costly. With our solution, you can more efficiently execute retrieval requests, freeing up critical time for other billable tasks. Electronically pulling medical records is a new alternative in record retrieval — one that helps minimize errors, build strong cases and better manage engagement with your clients.

The Solution: Electronic record retrieval

Medicare data

By electronically pulling Medicare data, our solution enables a faster process for your firm at intake and during subrogation.

  • Determine the value and merit of a case during the intake process
  • Qualify mass tort leads
  • Receive a full list of provider contact information, diagnoses, procedures, medications and charges
  • Cross-check electronically retrieved patient data against client-provided information
  • Minimize the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) process by proactively flagging claims

Traditional medical records

A detailed medical record is central to a firm’s ability to assess a claim. Cerner’s sophisticated technology electronically collects and delivers the medical record to your law firm.

  • Reduce the need for the manual retrieval of paper records by receiving digital files
  • Receive files in XML, PDF or both formats
  • Pay a fixed rate, regardless of size or complexity of the record

Summary records

The transfer of this standardized and actionable medical data is formatted for your quick and easy review.

  • Receive provider, diagnoses, procedure and medications for all care performed by a health system
  • Receive complete pathology and radiology reports when available by health system
  • Obtain clinical notes when available by health system
  • Add additional reports digitally instead of manually requesting more

Features and Capabilities

Consolidated record

An individual’s Medicare data, traditional medical records or summary records are pulled and formatted specifically for legal reference and use. Our solution easily integrates into your existing workflow, so you can continue to internally manage the retrieval process to suit your firm.

Security assurance

Information is delivered over a secure network, and a complete audit trail is provided for each file transmission. Our solution is HIPAA-compliant; consent is securely collected within the solution.

Electronic delivery

This delivery format facilitates a faster return of medical records, reduction in follow-up interactions and decrease in the need for paper-heavy records. You will receive near real-time status updates and alert notifications throughout the process.

Accessible from anywhere

Our solution is cloud-based. It is accessible for a user from any web-enabled device — anywhere, anytime.

Uninterrupted process

Near-real time notifications continue moving the process forward, promoting economical efficiencies. The client and appropriate law firm personnel conveniently receive notifications.