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Record retrieval for life insurance companies

Accelerate the underwriting process with confidence

Timing is crucial when assessing and evaluating risk for an applicant’s life insurance policy. HealtheHistorySM electronically pulls medical records from available patient portals, facilitating the delivery of a person’s health history up to 30 days faster than manual retrieval alternatives.

The Need: Quick access to a person’s consolidated health history to properly underwrite a policy.

Traditional record retrieval methods are often lengthy and costly. With our electronic record retrieval solution, the right data, at the right time and with the right context is more effectively and efficiently delivered.

HealtheHistory is HIPAA-compliant and uses the latest advancements in health care technology to pull and collate medical records from accessible patient portals, securely delivering to you for authorized use. Electronically pulling medical records is a new alternative in record retrieval – one that helps minimize errors, mitigate risk and better manage engagement with applicants.

The Solution: Electronic record retrieval

Collates disparate heath data into a consolidated record

Simply put, HealtheHistory connects to any accessible patient portal, facilitating the delivery of a person’s health history up to 30 days faster than manual retrieval options. The various sources of raw data are brought together, organized into groups by commonalities and standardized to match industry terminology. A 360-degree view of the person is formed. We call this a longitudinal record.

Provides an uninterrupted workflow

As a cloud-based solution, HealtheHistory can be accessed from any web-enabled device — anywhere, anytime.

The user-intuitive interface is easy to navigate and offers customizable fields to fit your professional needs. Near real-time notifications appropriately alert you and the applicant throughout the process.

Easily integrates into existing organizational processes

We are focused on providing a seamlessly orchestrated approach from start to end. HealtheHistory is an EHR-agnostic and vendor-neutral solution. It easily integrates into existing processes. We consider how we set up and manage our record retrieval solution; recognizing we must remain nimble with continuously-evolving technology and the industry that relies on it to facilitate time-saving policy review and decision-making.

Features and Capabilities

Longitudinal record

An individual’s health history is collected and combined to form a 360-degree view of the person. The data is brought together from disparate systems, standardized to match industry terminology and provided in an easy-to-read format.

Electronic delivery

This delivery format facilitates a faster return of medical records and reduces the need for paper-heavy records.

Accessible from anywhere

HealtheHistory is cloud-based. It is accessible for a user from any web-enabled device — anywhere, anytime.

Uninterrupted workflow

Near-real time notifications continue moving the process forward, promoting economical efficiencies. Both the applicant and life insurance company conveniently receive notifications.

Security assurance

Information is delivered over a secure network, and a complete audit trail is provided for each file transmission. HealtheHistory is HIPAA-compliant; consent is securely collected within the solution.


What is the benefit for my business?

The quicker delivery of a person’s consolidated health history, conveniently formatted for underwriter review, enables faster decision-making and helps continue to move business forward.

On average, HealtheHistory returns an applicant’s compiled medical record up to 30 days faster than manual retrieval alternatives. By electronically retrieving and consolidating all the records from available patient portals, the turnaround time between the request, retrieval and receipt of records is reduced.

Medical records from any accessible patient portal are provided. This information includes physician notes, pharmaceutical records, lab results and other pertinent information contained in an attending physician statement (APS) summary.

You decide who in your organization has access to the information. HealtheHistory is HIPAA-compliant, and the files are transferred over a secure network.