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Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue Cycle Management Services

RCM services help address the complex challenges of managing financial operations.

From short-term project support to long-term engagements, we’ve designed our services to meet the unique needs of all venues of care. As our industry shifts from volume to value, we are committed to helping our clients thrive by preparing for regulatory changes to optimize reimbursement, while providing the highest quality care.

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By integrating people, process and technology, we help improve workflow efficiencies, meet organizational metrics and control cost to collect.

Cerner’s RCM Services provide complete, holistic and proactive support for ambulatory and acute financial operations for organizations of all size and specialty. Our certified billing experts do more than process claims and manage denials; they lean on expertise, best practices and key learnings harvested from a process of continuous analysis and improvement to achieve the highest results for our clients.

RCM Services

RCM Services

Among the many challenges facing organizations is the implementation, training and inevitable learning curve of a new revenue cycle system. Through RCM services, our clients are able to streamline the process by utilizing our billing experts – who are also solution experts – which minimizes touches and reduces the number of resources required.

Cerner has the infrastructure – or capacity – of expertise, which helps avoid unnecessary disruptions that often occur with process or regulatory changes, and allows our teams to continually achieve best practice results.

And last, but often most important to financial leaders, is cost. It’s common that the first strategy a CFO employs is reducing the spend – and doing more with less. Leveraging Cerner for RCM services allows organizations to do just that – our expertise, skill set and singular devotion to the revenue cycle, and our vast resource pool, allows our clients to save money while improving financial performance.


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Does Cerner offer revenue cycle management services for all organizations no matter how big or small?

Yes, hospital systems of all sizes are seeking revenue cycle management services partnership to improve processes, drive new revenue efficiency and manage payment reforms. 

From short-term project support to long-term engagements, we’ve designed our services to meet the unique business needs of all organizations and venues of care.  This includes the following:

Account resolution:

  • Claims processing 
  • Payment posting
  • Online bill pay 
  • Self-pay 
  • Accurate payer reimbursement

Denial management and prevention: 

  • Denial mitigation 
  • Root-cause analysis 
  • Translation to accurate charge transactions 
  • Analysis of technical and clinical denials  

Patient/Provider experience 

  • Adoption of culture 
  • Loyalty 
  • Patient advocacy 
  • Increased referrals 

Partnership roles can flex based on specific partnership scope and client needs, but generally speaking, responsibilities are broken out in the following ways: 

Full outsource 

  • Registration and scheduling (CLIENT) 
  • Point of Service Collection (CLIENT) 
  • Clinical Documentation (CLIENT) 
  • Coding/Charge Entry (CLIENT in ambulatory venues; CERNER in acute) 
  • Dedicated Revenue Cycle Executive (CERNER) 
  • Claims Management (CERNER) 
  • Self-pay Management (CERNER) 
  • Patient Call Center (CERNER) 
  • Payment Posting (CERNER) 
  • Denial Management/Prevention (CERNER) 
  • Monthly Reporting (CERNER) 
  • Online Bill Payment Posting (CERNER) 
  • Regional Practice Managers (CERNER)